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Rustic Bread
Brussels Sprouts
Vegetable Basket
Cheese Plate
Snack Shop
Baking Ingredients
Stack of Newspapers
Dog Food
Red Wine Bottle
Basket of Organic Vegetables
Fresh Produce
Books and Magazines
Organic Farmers Market
Bottles of Wine
Present Surprise
Tea Pot
Crate of Fresh Fruit
Fresh Vegetable in Basket
Pile of Oranges
Wine Barrels
Lemon Tree
Buying Gifts
Organic Tomatoes
Fresh Organic Vegetables
Christmas Tree Ornament
Fresh Bread
Brussels Sprouts
Vegetable Basket
Fresh Eggs
Fresh Bread Rolls
In the Supermarket
Artichoke Pizza
Fresh Tomatoes
Continental Breakfast
Cranberry Jam
Refrigerated Goods

Your Local Village Store
Spar Kilkhampton

All your needs under one roof from local produce to household names
More coming soon ...

Please note from Friday 25th August until Sunday 3rd September we will not be accepting any Evri parcels for delivery and no new parcels will be dropped off here for collection.

All back to normal after this date.

Please note our reduced hours over the Bank Holiday Week:

Friday 25th August: 7am – 5pm             

Saturday 26th: 8am – 2pm           

Sunday 27th:  8am – 12 noon                 

BH Monday 28th: 8am – 12 noon            

Tuesday 29th August – Saturday 2nd September : 8am – 2pm                  

Sunday 3rd September:  8am – 1pm


All hours then back to normal.

Thank you for your understanding.

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